For Prospective (New) Students

Working with bright and motivated students is one of the great joys of being a professor. However, like many of my colleagues, I get a large number of enquiries about student positions and funding at all levels, and it is difficult to personally respond to each of them. To make life easier for all of us, here are some guidelines.

  1. Post-Docs: As of 1/17, I am looking for a strong post-doc to work on connected cars. Strong background on sensor fusion, ML and system integration is needed. Please see Projects tab for details. I am also looking for a post-doc with substantial experience working with EHR data.

  2. Applicant with an MS or PhD degree: If you have strong background in data mining/machine learning, with at least one publication in quality venues (KDD, ICDM, SDM, NIPS, ICML, AISTATS) and demonstratably good writing skills, please send me an email whose title starts with “Ideal-student”. The email should briefly describe why you think you are a good match with our group, and also contain a CV. I shall make all attempts to respond to such enquiries.

  3. Applicants who have just completed a Bachelor's: No openings for 2017-2018 as group is full.

  4. Undergrad/high-school applicants or summer interns : By default I have no openings in these categories. If something does open up, it will be explicitly mentioned on our group website