Some Publications Related to NSF grant

Small: Simultaneous Decomposition and Predictive Modeling on Large Multi-Modal Data


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Refereed Archival Journal Publications


Š       J. Ho, Joydeep Ghosh; Steve Steinhubl; Walter Stewart; Joshua C Denny; Bradley  A Malin; Jimeng Sun “Limestone: High-throughput Candidate Phenotype Generation via Tensor Factorization”, in Jl. Of Biomedical Informatics,

Š       O. Koyejo, C. Lee and J. Ghosh, "A Constrained Matrix-Variate Gaussian Process for Transposable Data", in Machine Learning Journal,


Book Chapters


Š       Acharya, E.R. Hruschka, J. Ghosh and S. Acharyya,  “C3E: A Framework for Combining Ensembles of Classifiers and Clusterers”, in Multiple Classifier Systems, C. Sansone, J. Kittler and F. Roli (Eds.), LNCS Vol. 6713, Springer, pp. 86-95, 2011.


Conference/Workshop Proceedings

Š        Acharya, Ayan, Hruschka, Eduardo R., Ghosh, Joydeep, Sarwar, Badrul, and Ruvini, Jean-David, “Probabilistic Combination of Classifier and Cluster Ensembles for Non-transductive Learning”, in Proc. SDM 2013, May 2013, pp.

Š        O. Koyejo and J. Ghosh, “A Representation Approach for Relative Entropy Minimization with Expectation Constraints”, in WDDL13, with ICML13, June 2013

Š        J. Ho, J. Ghosh and J. Sun, “Marble: High-throughput Phenotyping from Electronic Health Records via Sparse Nonnegative Tensor  Factorization”, ”, in Proc. KDD 2014, August 2014, pp.

Š       Y. Park and J. Ghosh, “LUDIA: An Aggregate-Constrained Low-Rank Reconstruction Algorithm to Leverage Publicly Released Health Data”, in Proc. KDD 2014, August 2014